The Power of the Fingertip

We often overlook the finesse and accuracy contained in a very important input device. Gesturely harnesses the ease and fidelity of the ultimate stylus: Your finger.

Gesture Instead of Type

Typing on a device is often frustrating and may impair safety. Gesturely assigns any phrase - usernames, common responses, full paragraphs, even emoticons - to a unique gesture, which can then quickly swiped to paste the corresponding phrase.

A Customized Library of Gestures

Create as many gestures as needed and manage them in the secure library. This means any common phrase you use will be at your fingertip (literally), and pasted with a quick swipe.

Safety, Security & Ease of Use

Since you create each gesture using our nuanced gesture recognition algorithm, not only will you have an easier time remembering your phrases, but you will have a much faster, safer way of inputting them into your device.

Research has proven that we remember
visual images 500% easier than words.